Dumb Guy MikeA Big DummyIf you’re from the New England area, you’ve heard of Bernie & Phil, Bob, and Barry & Eliot. Well, we’re Bill and Mike and even though we’re not nearly as smart, we’re better looking than they are. Well, one of us is. We’re just a couple young guys trying to talk you into buying a bunch of stuff you don’t need so we can get rich. You can tell we’re young by looking at our pictures. You can also tell which one of us is the good-looking one.

Here’s a short history of Dumb Stuff. One of us, Bill, came up with an idea that he was so embarrassed about he could only tell it to the other one of us, Mike. Mike, who by and large has proven to be pretty dumb over the years, naturally thought the idea was great. We, the two dumb guys, put our heads together, which added up to one small brain, and started printing up T-shirts and car stickers. And the rest is history. Well, it’s not history yet, but it is the beginning of something.

So, welcome to our website. It’s here for you to enjoy and have some fun with (not too much fun yet because we’re still under construction). Maybe buy a couple things. (The more you buy and the faster you buy it, the sooner we go away). Check out one of our contests and see if you can win something. Maybe do something dumb and tell us about it. Don’t forget to check out the words of wisdom we offer sprinkled here and there around the site. Find us on Facebook, follow our blog and look for our tweets on Twitter. Even though we don’t know what most of that stuff means, apparently we can keep you updated on our progress, let you know how we’re doing, what’s new and where you can find more Dumb Stuff. Perhaps, if you’re less dumb than us, (and really, who isn’t), you can offer us some advice. God knows we need it. In fact, it’s pretty amazing we’ve gotten this far. But keep in mind, this website is filled with Dumb Stuff, so don’t take it too seriously. And as the song says: “If you’re gonna be dumb, you gotta be tough”.

CanuvasaleWhat’s a Canuvasale? Take a guess. Try to figure it out. If you can tell us what it is, we’ll give you a shirt. There’s a true story behind it and we’ll tell you what it is eventually, if we remember. Don’t forget, we’re pretty damn dumb.


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